Thursday, 24 April 2014

Finished at Last

24 April 2013 - Finished at last
 On 17 March finally put it all together and ran the car  - albeit still on the jack stands. Thanks to Eric from AEVA who helped put the wiring together & provided me with circuitry to both make the heater work properly  , but also fabricated a dual diode & inductor on DC-DC charger, to prevent reverse draw from 12v battery to main pack.
Subsequent to then I had to completely pull down the dash again to get the ceramic heather out as there was smoke when I turned the heater on.
Eventually I removed all of the high temp silicone ( good as gasket in ICE engines but not so good in this situation) , and replace with Clipsal's fire proof mastic . Not as good a material to hold things in , but doesn't smoke!
Lastly I couldn't get the after market tacho to work on the NPN sensor that was attached to the shaft of the electric motor. Once more Eric to rescue with a resistor to act as a "pull down" resistance.

Stickers placed all over the place & Perspex guards fabricated to prevent unwanted shorting.
Runs great, though road noise m(whirring etc) is a distraction and hopefully will quieten down.  Also the AM side of the radio gets a lot of electrical interference. May have to come up with some form of shielding to improve that.

re-doing the heater


The circuitry to prevent back draw from 12v battery

Saturday, 22 February 2014

Electronic Hardware Mounted

23 Feb 2014 - Hardware basically all connected and thanks to Eric, who noticed I had the connections for pre-charge on the contactor backwards, all the rest appears correct.
All the bits seem to be there.
Also completed a splash guard today.

 Some other pics of work as it progressed to today
 BMS LED & Controller LED's mounted in side the dash

LED s to the left of regular telltales in dash
Half way through wiring connectors. Looks good here but had a disaster near end as arced across the torque wrench and wrote that off! The following two images show the spark damage to back of driver's seat & the headlining.

Wiring batteries